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Comments From Those Who Have Worked With Arianna

“You are tremendously insightful! With all that I told you, the questions that you asked got right to the real issues. And so fast! That was really helpful.”  J.M., Life Coach

“You have no idea how much our sessions have helped me. Your listening and input has definitely shifted my Cactusperspective for the better. I’ve been fighting my right to be happy for a long time. After all I have been through and am going through now, my strength was at an ultimate low. Thanks to your kind heart and willingness to listen, I know I deserve to be happy. I know I have a good heart, and no words can begin to describe how grateful I am for your help. In such little time you’ve helped me win certain battles I have been fighting against myself for a very long time. You have pulled my spirits from dark to light.”   A.V.

“You were the connection to the other self in me, the closeted woman who doesn’t share that part of herself very easily. The link to my practice that affirmed it’s ok to be me. You supplied the foundation to establish myself in this new city. I thank you for your support, for not being afraid of me, for giving me encouragement and sharing your wisdom and your smile.”   K.H.

“I am certainly impressed with your obvious skills as a clinician and your highly developed intuition.”   S.D., Marriage and Family Therapist

“Honestly, I have to totally admit that I feel better. I mean seriously. And I’ve even commented to people, like how awesome you are…you’re the fourth person I’ve worked with, but the best person I’ve ever worked with as far as feeling like I’m getting what I need and feeling like I’m making progress. I feel different.”   J.B.


“…Especially helpful were our sessions with Arianna Gray. She helped us to expand our understanding as we began to accept that our mother was [dying]. She showed us that our mother was going through a rite of passage and that it was a rite of passage for each of us as well. Arianna has a special gift in this area and we are so grateful that we took advantage of her wisdom in our time of great stress.”  R.T., Educator

“I had no idea what to expect when Arianna walked through my door that first time. I certainly didn’t expect what came: An incredible gift… She provided a much-needed lifeline for me… her sense of humor, her gentle honesty, her obvious love for others, her self-confidence, her openness… During my darkest time, when the depth of my grief collided with my life-long depression, I honestly believe she helped save my life. She gave me objective suggestions, crucial perspectives I didn’t have from anyone else, and offered me hope.”   N.D., National Park Service Docent

“When I’m with you I open up to wisdom in myself that I just didn’t get before.”  S.D.

“I found myself particularly drawn to Ms. Gray’s level of professionalism, humility and ability to relate to a wide variety of individuals, as well as her eclectic life experience and robust sense of humor.”   J.P., Director of Community Mental Health Program

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